May 19, 2003

I have noticed that my sexual appetite is coming back like mad recently. It isn’t as if I like my body better, but rather that I HATE it less than before. I also have alot more energy, and I have had more ease of movement. Also I am thinking that the fact that my husband was offshore for four weeks, and before that while he was home for six weeks I had the surgery and was recovering, and before that he was offshore for six weeks. hmmmm..maybe that had something to do with it too ❓ 😉 I am still having some pain on the inside on my right side near the incision. deep inside. have had this pain off and on for weeks now. feel liks I have pulled something. if that is all that it is, I really wished that I knew what I was doing that was causing it as sometimes it really hurts, and other times it is just annoying. if I knew, I would stop doing that. 🙄 I have not had as much problem with the naseua as before, but than I am taking the anti sick meds. I still have troubles with loose bowel movements, but not every day. I got sick a couple of days ago. that time and about 2.5 weeks before were the only two times that i have been violently sick since the surgery. there has been some times when I was sick but quickly. but these two times were different, they were also the only times that I had eaten meat and had troubles with it. ate too fast, got stuck becuase I didn’t chew well enough. it took a few hours to throw it up, but than it was finally over. I don’t know about eating meat. that is not easy to do, but it is the best source of protein. I can only eat so much dairy for protein and it really bothers me. so glad that I have my supplements and protein shakes from Reliv. without those, I would be lost. I do hope that when these few weeks are up and I come off the anti sick meds, that the naseua does not return. other than that, I don’t generally have troubles. I have noticed a major decrease in pain with my back, i have more energy, my clothes are either getting loose or way to big already, and I don’t cringe as badly when I pass a mirror or a window reflection. so that is all good. now only for more to come off and to be further along. 😀

What are your thoughts?

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