May 2, 2003

I have not been home much this week. I have been into Aberdeen three times this week. Saw five movies..had to get caught up on my movie veiwing. Have found a new place to walk with the dogs that is nearby. Woods, that is so NOT flat walking. up and down, steep in bits…30 minutes and I am huffing and puffing and all defintiely a good workout. good for the dogs too, they just love it. The problem is that I am still having some pain inside on the right side of my incision. If I do the heavy walking, much around the house, any work in the garden where I am doing a lot of bending or reaching and I am sore. I have always had a very prounced swing to my walk and now that I am not so weighted down with as much weight, I do belive that it is coming back. that isn’t exactly helping things either, since that seems to bother me. I guess I must just be doing too much, but in a lot of ways I feel that I have been resting enough in the six weeks and now it is time to get busy exercising. so I really wish the pain would just go away. πŸ˜† so trying to go for a small walk the day after the big walk in the woods rather than walk in the woods and than do nothing for two days til the pain goes away. I have been able to eat just about anything that I want so far, unforntunatly, I never know what I want since everything tastes bad these days. I even threw out part of a chocolate cheesecake this week. who would have thought that I would ever do that. Pizza, my all time favorite, tastes awful too. chicken tastes awful. I certianly hope that things start to taste better soon, because I have gotten rather fussy since the surgery when it comes to taste. if I don’t like it, I don’t want to eat it. If everything tastes bad, I am going to end up eating NOTHING! 😯 It was really nice to be able to go to the movies and drive long distances again this week. I have missed being mobile I do believe. I think being able to be out and about has lifted my mood some too. But shocker of all shocks, two of the times there I was cold. ME…COLD ❗ that was with sweatshirt/fleece on. I was always hot at the movies. staring to be cold everywhere I go these days. I have noticed since the surgery that my PMS has increased by about 300%. at least the pain level of it has, and that is NOT a good thing. I am sure that my husband will agree with me on that one. πŸ˜† wonder why that has happened? hope that it isn’t permanent. just got back inside from walking in town, and cutting tulips from my garden for inside. it is a bit cold outside today but not too bad. hoping that tomorrow will be a nicer day so that I can get some gardening work done and some of my baskets and pots planted up. πŸ™‚ I have decided that I want to plant a lot more tulips for next year. maybe several hundred. I really do like them. want all sorts of colours and types. the double tulips are just gorgeous.

What are your thoughts?

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