May 26,2003

It has been ages since I have written. We have been rather busy running all over doing all sorts of things in prepartion of our kitchen being torn to bits. It kept getting pushed back for when it was going to be started, but Andy is here ripping away as I type this. I had not has much problems with the naseous feelings like before, but that is with me taking my anti sick meds at least twice if not three times per day. I did get sick rather harshly about 5 days ago, from some chicken. I had gone a long time without eating, was hungry, probalby ate too fast as well as might not have chewed it well enough even though I thought it did. it took several hours to get it unstuck. that is the second time that I have been sick on meat getting stuck. Rather nervous about eating meat these days, I don’t find it easy to do that. Any other times that I have been sick, it was always due to something not being chewed right or something not agreeing with me, but was a quick sick and then done with. only twice have I ever been sick for long and that was both meat. I have been out to eat three times this last week. Very unusual for my husband and I, but feeling nervous and brave all at the same time. 😆 never sure where to go to eat, or [b]WHAT[/b] to eat, but have been ok each time. my only fault is sometimes eating a bit more than I should so feeling a little uncomfortably full. last night was the only time that I didn’t bring home most of my food, but I didn’t like half of it, and I ate the other half. and as for dessert, well charlie and I shared one and even with us both eating some of it we still left about a third of it and didn’t take it home. I drank quite a bit of water last night also right before my meal. the last time we ate there, it took us about an hour or more to get our food, this time I drank a glass and a half of water, and then our food appeared 5 minutes later. can’t win for trying. 😕 But still I did ok. I have been able to drink a little with my meals, but have found that if I am having a meal that is quite bready, ie. pasta, that I can’t drink much or eat much. if I am having meal that is more protein based, like last nights chicken burrito where I left 2/3 of the tortilla, just ate out the meat from inside, I can drink a bit. I have had a horribly pain high on my right side. it interfers with everything including sleep, movement, and breathing. it has faded some now finally, but my GP thought it was my gallbladder since they didn’t take that out. He talked to Mr Pollard and Mr P said that he did not believe that it was my gallbladder, but that it could be discomfort due to my fatty liver and its reaction to any fat in my diet. so I have to call and get some blood work done to check my liver functions to see if it is diet caused or not. ok just called the surgery and they have me booked in for wednesday at noon for the blood draw unless they call me and tell me differently. Today I was on the scales and saw that I had lost another 3.4 pounds. so that makes a total of 53.4 pounds so far. Today is 10 weeks post op. so 56 pounds would be a full four stone. I am close to that, hoping that I can finish off the last 2.6 pounds by next monday to make a full four stone for 11 weeks. everything is getting too big these days. I did have the goal of being able to use my WC here at home. it is a tiny little thing, and I do fit now and can use it. wahoo, it is the little things that make the most difference. 😉

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