May 3, 2003

I am still in the NOTHING tastes good stage. Been trying new and stranger combinations to try to spice things up. No joy ❗ hoping that it will pass sometime soon. On a new thought, I have managed to have toast in the last few days for the first time. It stayed down fine, but sometimes my tummy still rumbles and grumbles. But have not had any troubles with anything coming back up. Have been eating a lot of wheat lately and it is really starting to aggravate, so back onto the wheat free everything again. Walked down to the postie box today and around the yard, and up to the neighbors a few times. so did a bit of easy walking today. don’t seem to be in much pain today, so could try walking more strenously tomorrow again. Garden guy did not come today, says he will be here in the morning, so depending on how much gardening I actually do will determine if I do a hard walk in the woods or an easy walk in town. don’t want to start up the pain again. trying to do some walking every day even if it is in small amounts. 🙂 still not sleeping the best either. go to bed all tired and then up after a few hours. lately been falling asleep in the chair and waking up after 4-6 hours there, so thought I would be good tonight and go straight to bed rather than chair sleeping. Was tired and all but only got about 2.5 hours of sleep and right back up again. maybe I just need my husband to come home and wear me out some more. 8)

What are your thoughts?

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