May 4 2003

I realized that we have been living in our new house for over a year now. we bought it in April of last year, but we didn’t actually move in until the first couple days of May. So it has been whole year now. I did get the work in the garden done today. the gardner and I got it all done would be more correct. 😆 But it was nice to have things planted. I was a little sore after the planting, and bending and carrying but that was mostly my back being a tiny bit sore. in the past, it would have been much more painful. I also wore a pair of sweats that my mom gave me at christmas. they were about painted on me at that time. I don’t think that I had worn them since, but put them on today and they were loose. So that was kinda cool. I also started to wear all my rings again a few days ago. I had stopped wearing them the last month or so before my surgery since they were getting tight. I did start wearing my wedding ring and engagement ring just a bit after the surgery, but didn’t add all my other rings until this last few days. I am getting used to them again. a couple of them feel like they are getting a bit loose already. I did not sleep well last night, so hoping that I will sleep better tonight. and I even plan on sleeping in the bed rahter than the chair. 😆 I always seem to fall asleep in the chair at night and wake up halfway to morning. If the weather is nice, I am thinking of taking the dogs for a walk tomorrow again. a good walk in the woods. hope that it is as nice as it was today. well off I go. 🙄

What are your thoughts?

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