May 6, 2004

Today I went swimming again but this time in the morning. I swam for about 79 minutes which was mostly steady except when I talked with my friend for a few minutes in the beginning, adjusted my ear plugs a million times before I finally gave up and took them out, and talked with the lifeguard a bit. I did about 84 lenghts (20 meters per lenght) so that was one mile. so have increased it a lot. noticed that my knee was clicking a lot on the kicks towards the end. they were a little sore, but than I was a little slow and tired after it all anyways. I had my first belly dancing class tonight, they did a lot of veil work. I think that this week was week six for the rest of the class. my knees were really really sore after the class. I am not sure if that is the belly dancing itself or just the accumulation of everything over the last few days. it is possible that doing the belly dancing might be too much on top of everything else and I do think that it particularly stresses the knees and low back. Two areas that I don’t want to be stressed that are a bit weaker for me to start with. Next week they are going to be going over all the other steps that they have already done up to this point so it will catch me up. I think that I will go along and try it and see what I think if I want to continue after that. Just not sure about it. I do want to add the Kung Fu on Friday nights, so maybe I will just stick with the martial arts and not do the belly dancing. I don’t think that my knees can take Tai Chi on Tuesday, belly dancing on Thursday and Kung Fu on Friday. those are all things that are really rough on the knees and maybe I should just stick to the Tai Chi and the Kung Fu which are the two that really interest me. Like I said, I think that I will try it next week and see what I think than make a decision. other than that, I am still walking a few times a week and going to increase the swimming up to twice per week next week as well as add back in my weight lifting a few times. all in all I am hoping to do about 12 hours or so of exercise per week. I am scheduling it in like it was a job or something, since that is the only way I will ever get it done. πŸ˜‰ my weight is still not moving much even with all this exercise and watching what I am eating. something has to give here soon, can not keep being stuck at this weight. πŸ™

What are your thoughts?

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