May 8, 2003

got my Amazon order today. got my book from the third party seller today. got my Amway order last night. so all my orders are here, now I just have to open them and get them put away. going to go for a walk later on hopefully, if the weather holds. horribly windy today. hope that it doesn’t blow all my tulips away, was hoping that some might still be here when Charlie gets home, as well as some of the blossoms on the fruit trees. but with this wind I might not even had the trees left đŸ˜„ let alone the leaves or flowers. noticed that my rings are getting too big now that I started wearing them last week. one in particular only a few days ago was turning my finger purple because it was so tight and now it is loose on every finger on both hands. so I either lost a lot of weight all of a sudden, or I was retaining water because of that time of month, or both. much more and I will have to stop wearing that ring and some of the others will soon follow. will have them all resized later but can’t do that now, since I don’t know what size my fingers will end up as. 😀 well we went for our walk. a new part of woods, with lots more trails, and instead of the constant up and down steeply, it was more of a constant uphill that I could handle but definitely feel. we walked for an hour instead of the usual half hour so that is better anyways. felt a lot better this afternoon compared to this morning and last night. was feeling sick last night, had some wheat pasta (naughty me) and this morning seemd to live on the toilet. than felt better. now I feel sick again. all I had was a couple of bites of pasta and this was my WHEAT free pasta and I feel naseous and awful. just like last night. maybe it is the cheese sauce and not the pasta at all. not like the usual feeling when you eat too much, too fast, or don’t chew well enough. this is different. just feel sick, naseous and wish that I would throw up. I suspect that I will eventually, like i did finally last night, but it was only the foam, no food. whatever it is that is irritating me is becuase it doesn’t like me rather than me not eating it correctly. and I am so thirsty I could drink from a water hose. but have to get this stomach to settle first. đŸ˜„

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