Surgery Day: Monday 17th March 2003

Chaz, Filling in for Dazzle:

16:00 They’ve just taken Dazzle down to theatre. I think in the last hour the nerves have built up a bit. She kept asking me what was wrong but I didn’t want to tell her that my previous fears were re-surfacing. I’m sure she must have had her own trepidations and last minute worries too, so I didn’t want her to hear me bleating about being worried. It is a procedure that has been done hundreds of times so we have nothing to worry about. Earlier in the afternoon, the Physio visited to tell her about what she could and couldn’t do during her recovery, and what was going to be expected of her for the first couple of days after the op. She had to do a little test on her lung capacity After the Physio, we had a visit from the Anaesthetist. He described what all would be happening in the theatre and in the ICU during the first hours after her operation 18:10 Mr. P has just come to see me. Dazzle is out of theatre and being transferred to the ICU. Everything went well and there have been no immediate complications. Some one will come and take me down to see her once she is settled. 19:00 Down at the ICU and Dazzle is there, plumbed up to every computer in Leeds, or so it seems. She’s still a bit groggy, in pain and discomfort. Over the time that I’m there, the painkillers settle her down and by 21:30 she’s ready to sleep. More news tomorrow.

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