Mountain Life

I made an executive decision today: I didn’t want to go off the ranch. I have been here 11 days. I am NOT cabin crazy. I don’t want to see people. I just want to spin and weave.

My massage gal didn’t really want to go to the office so no hard feelings canceling there, and think I waited too long to get Mitch the Great Pyr groomed. We are in single digits at night and just don’t want him wet in this snow.

I ran out of bread, cheese, and am low on cream. I rummaged in the freezer last night and found 1 loaf of bread and 2 blocks of cheese and 1 shredded bag of cheese. So now I am only low on cream. I have 1.75 quarts of heavy whipping cream….just will have to ration it to make it to Thursday!

Drat, the fedex guy came. I told him he ruined my thing! He said what? I said I had not seen people in 11 days and didn’t want to. He replied that he was not really human so that should be OK! He brought me a box of 23 lug nuts for my landrover. Tire place put new tires on and were lazy and used an over sized socket. They ruined my lug nuts. $15.50 a piece and 23 lug nuts on 4 tires and spare. I wonder if they will do that one again?

What are your thoughts?

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