My 21 Favorite Positive Vibes

I was reading an email today and it really resonated with me about how the word HARD is a very ineffectual word. It can describe dealing with grief and a stale loaf of bread. Not really on the same level but still described with the same word, right?

Things are mostly chaotic and out of control around the world as they frequently are.

Precious Life

A very dear friend told me once that we can not control what happens or what others do.  We can only control how we react to things. 
Going even further, we can only control what we do.  And that is controlled by how we think.  Now that is the smallest bit. 

Guard Your Thoughts

She also said that NO ONE and NOTHING can MAKE you happy. Only you can make you happy and it comes from within.

We control our preception of everything by how we think.  Every little thought shapes our emotions and actions which leads to reactions and outward. HOW you think influences how you feel which influences your health.  It is all connected.

You have to just DECIDE to be happy.

I was recently introduced to the concept of 3:1 Ratio of Positivity.  3 Positives to every 1 Negative.  That is something everyone can work on.  Some days you may need to work a tad harder to keep your ratios up so your Vibes stay high. Other days, it may come easy. It is however down to you to decide.

How do you Vibe high?

Here are 21 of my Favorite High Vibes that always bring a smile to my face and a laugh to my heart.

1. Sipping a lavender cappucino. Made with lavender essence, lavender honey and my own goat milk sprinkled with ceylon cinnamon and ginger. The smells and tastes are divine. **more positive vibes when it is my own grown lavender**

2. Listening to the wind chimes. Low toned big tube chimes. Being amazed by the pure beauty of the notes played by the wind. The more random the more there is beauty.

3. Relaxing with a lavender eye pillow draped over my face or a neck pillow around my shoulders (sometimes lavender, sometimes eucalyptus and peppermint…both versions flax. **better when I make it myself instead of bought).

4. Running my hands through freshly washed and dried mohair locks that are begging me to fluff and spin them into glorious art yarn.

Summer Forest Art Yarn
Summer Forest Art Yarn

5. Seeing the Cardinal that guards our land and wishing him hello.

6. Playing my handpan and seeing my anxious border collie, Morag, visibly relax and come stand next to the handpan to hear her song.

7. Having my darling OTSC collie dog, Gigha, sit on the settee next to me.  Turn her back to me, and with complete trust, slowly fall over backwards to land with her head on my shoulder or on my chest. (Yes she might knock my phone out of my hand…but she’s so cuuuute.) Ha! She just did it, so now I am typing with one finger around her cute head.

Gigha OTSC Collie

8. Watching flames dance through the glass window of my woodstove. Knowing Charlie or I built that fire.

9. Sitting in the goat pen watching the goats…adults and kids both, jump and cavort having a mad half hour.

10. Having Fiesta, herd queen dairy goat, come stand next to me and gaze with a long stare into my eyes with a half inch between our noses.  She is such a calm loving goat.  Petting her and watching her stand as her eyes close just enjoying it.

11. Sitting in the middle of my stone circle at night in a full moon.  Just looking around, picturing all the plants we hope to plant growing and blooming. (**better when it is real vs a dream)

12. Walking the trails in my woods in the gloaming, getting the holy crap scared out of me by a wild turkey herd roosted in the trees above when they take off. And Watching my hubby almost wet himself laughing at me.

Spring Beauties and Trout Lilies

13. Noticing all the tiny Spring Beauties all over in the woods, googeling the photos I took of them and finding out they are called Spring Beauties….and the yellow ones are Trout Lillies.  I hadn’t walked in the woods that early other years and missed them before spring 2021.  Now looking forward to seeing them again SOON!!

14.  Hearing the Morning Doves.  LOVE THAT!!! Makes me think of my great grandma and her lake house when I was a child.

15.  Playing my crystal singing bowls and filling the house with pure light and sound.

Crystal Singing Bowls

16. Laughing at my cats as they chase and attack blowing leaves.

17.  Seeing my first crocus and snowdrops pushing through the ground and snow in Early Spring. Wee baby flowers braving the cold.


18. Hearing the Night sounds outside in summer. It is deafening. And I love it!

19.  Sound and smell of rain. And the way everything feels earthy and new again.

20. Feel of clean sheets first time you slip into bed after making the bed.

21. Inhaling deeply Cedarwood essential oil and feeling like Mother Nature herself just gave me a warm loving hug.

I guess I do have lots of Vibes…I could go on but that is enough to think on for now.

What are your Favorite Positive Vibe Pick Me Ups?

Stone Art

What are your thoughts?

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