My Mohair Art Yarn Project

My Mohair Project. Sheep vs Goat.

I wanted to know: Can I lockspin mohair yarn like I do sheep longwool?

2 months, 10+ fleeces washed, processed and in various stages of spinning….I am nearing an answer.

Each label is a separate fleece except top right. It is a combination of 2 fleeces from 2 different goats. And bottom 2 right are the same goat but 2 separate fleeces from said goat.

My Mohair Project

10 separate angora goats covering 11 different fleeces.

Some bulky art yarn skeins have already sold…note the skinnier amount in the label. Large amounts in one label is mutiple skeins of a larger yardage. I have found a style of handspinning Bulky art yarn that is pure mohair and I LOVE it.

I just wanted a bit of a visual record.

Whew have I been busy!!

What are your thoughts?

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