New Computer

Alba Ranch has  bought a new desk top computer last night.  Decided to join the 21st Century.  I have resisted for 10 years, but the old computer was doing the job.  It is NO LONGER doing the job.  So I caved.  🙂 This should make the Alba Ranch Shop so much more efficient as well as using all my ArtFire tools.  Yayness!  I will be able to load more and more of my Fiber Art Photos faster, more efficiently and make all the artistic treasures available for Alba Ranch’s Fans.

I might be busy offline for a few days or so as we get the new computer set up, all the software on it, the old one backed up and transferred over.  Look forward to more information as I start to whiz along the cyber network like a REAL computer person. 🙂

What are your thoughts?

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