New Serger Machine

I just ordered my new serger on line, with the special accessories package it comes with the machine, manual, dvd, 12 cones of maxi thread, 100 needles, tool kit, 8 feet, and a carry case. While I had her on the line I ordered thread in 14 colors so basically 56 more cones on top of the 12. It is free shipping and no tax. I will HAVE to learn how to use this machine now. They have a fantastic deal going on with the machine, book, dvd, and the accessories package. On this model it has 12 maxi thread, 100 needles, 8 feet and a carry case for an extra $100. $350 for machine, with dvd it was $400, with the accessories and such it was $500. buying just the 8 ft separately was a $200 value. I got 4 cones of thread in 14 colors as well and they gave me a discount from $4.49 down to $3.49 per cone because I bought more than 12. Free shipping if over $50 and it was and no tax because it is in CA.

What are your thoughts?

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