Not your grandmother’s pot holder….

I created my first treasury on today.  it was really fun!  🙂  What is a treasury?  Well it is a small collection of art items off various stores on that I have chosen and put together as a collection. I am the curator so to speak!

It will only be visible for less than 48 til sometime on Friday I would expect.  I can have ONE of my own items in there, but that is it.  So I picked 11 other items from 11 other shops. If it generates enough interest and the etsy admin people like it, part or all of it could end up being featured on the MAIN front page of etsy which would be so cool. I have been featuerd in one and chalrie has been featuerd in one but this is the first time I created one myself.  It is a way to show appreciation for other artists and it is kind of fun.

I titled it “Not your grandmother’s pot holders…” as most folks think of hand crocheting as pot holders or tea cozies and a lot of people may knit but not as many crochet cool unique things.  So this is a list of unusual things that have been crocheted and pulled specifically from my Etsy FAST team group…FAST is Fiber Arts Street Team and maybe one or two from the MILE HIGH club which is antoher group specific to colorado.

One of my favs is the Apple cozy so your lunch will be displayed and bagged nicely.  Sure beats a brown paper bag doesn’t it?

Not Your Grandmothers' Pot Holder Gallery  since it is a timed collection and will only be visible on for 2 days, I have copied and included a snapshot of it in case you missed it.  I have to admit, viewed as a whole, it is NOT your grandmother’s pot holder!!  particular note is the red poision dart frog and the apple cozy and elf ears..three of my absolute favorties for unusual items!  course there is the crocheted and felted coffee mug, the flapper hat..oh just go see the collection as I love them all!!

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