November 10, 2003

It is less than 48 hours now and I leave for Michigan. I am sort of excited, but also wondering if I should start packing. specially since all day tomorrow I will be gone. 😆 I did lay out all the clothes that I wanted to take with me about three weeks ago, but since I did just get back a huge chunk of my wardrobe altered down, I might have to rethink all of it. My garden guy is coming this afternoon for some clean up in the yard, while he is doing that I think that I will be off into town to the bank, and out in the woods with the dogs for a good walk. They will enjoy that and I already so do miss them and I haven’t even left yet. 😥 They go to their holidays tomorrow, and than I will have my last evening at home by myself. How weird will that be? I weighed myself today being that it is Monday. I am now down to 268.6. That is a loss of 111.4 pounds altogether. My BMI is now at about 39.75 or so. Just a bit under 40. I still fit into the morbidly obese category, but having said that I am probably in a US size 18/UK size 20. It is coming down, that is the main part. That was a 4.2 pound loss last week. so in the last four weeks since Chaz went offshore, I have lost 12 pounds. Wonder if he will notice?

What are your thoughts?

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