November 10, 2004

I have only been going to write in my journal now for about several weeks. I thought maybe it was time that I got my thumb out! 🙄 Anyhoooo, I have come down in weight again. I have lost about 9 pounds since the last entry. Just started dropping weight again in the last few days and did quite a bit the week before too. so all told, I have lost 11 stone 10.6 pds. That is 164.6 pds total down for now as of this morning. When I start losing weight again like this, I have to admit it amazes me that I am still losing in chunks like this. at this weight, my BMI is now down to 31.7. Once I get below 30, I will no longer be in the obese category but rather in the over weight category. wahoo! that would be way cool 😀 I am still swamped with school work. Still busy with the dogs. and adding to that, I have been trying to organize the garden revamp and deciding on what paving slabs to use and what fencing to put up since the land seems to be set to go through with later this week. I didn’t get much schoolwork done during the tattie holidays since I was working at the pool somewhere almost every day. not doing as many hours at the pool now, they call but I have to say no. Looking at new crafts to do along with my spinning and crocheting. Those two I like and want to continue. I want to try my hand at candle making too and if I like it that would be something that would work well with my aromatherpahy business since it is in the same field. I am not looking to get into selling tons of candles, but might like to make enough for my personal use along with some to cleints that might like some. That way I get to do a hobby that I really like and others can enjoy that too. for right now, I am in the research mode of that craft. reading things online and maybe ordering a few books. I want to finish off some of the crafts that I have here in the house and if I don’t like them, than I think that I will not go ahead doing more so that I can use up what I have and get a space created for what I really want to do. so I had better get a move on and get more work done. busy busy 😉

What are your thoughts?

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