November 25, 2003

I do not know what I weigh since I am not at home to weigh myself, but both Chaz and I think that I have lost more weight. I bought a pair of USA size 18 blue jeans a couple of days after I was here and I could not get the zipper up the last inch or two. The next day I started my period at least 5 days early and suddenly I fit into the jeans. Now about 10 days later, they are beginning to sag and be a bit too big. I have washed them already too and they shrunk so I know that it isn’t them just stretching out. They are too big in the bum, and the legs are completely fine and a bit loose, and the waist is getting too big. I would wear my belt with them to hold them up but I forgot it and left it at the home. I don’t think these will last very long. I did not buy any size 16s, only some size 14s for later on. I think later on may come sooner than I thought. I have been wearing my new biker chick leather coat. Well it is a fake leather that looks like leather and it has buckles, snaps, zips everywhere. short, just comes to my waist and I look so tough and cool in it. Very out of character for me but something that I have always liked but wouldn’t go with my previous shape. needless to say, Chaz likes it a lot. πŸ˜† Underneath it, I was wearing a new shirt that is a lacy velvety type top. so when I take off the jacket I go from tough biker chick to glamour babe in an instant. Or so Chaz keeps telling me. 😳 I do believe that he likes all these new outfits and styles, and different things because he keeps telling me that I look sexy. (although he might still be suffering from credit card shock 😯 ) Still having difficulties getting my mind wrapped around being smaller and sexy. most of the time, I still see big and feel bigger. I feel sexy when it comes to my hair and my makeup with my face being slimmer, but the rest of me from the neck down is slow in catching up. I sitll see the big me. Wonder if that is normal and how long it takes to get my self image adjusted correctly? I suppose hearing repeatedly that I look hot, sexy, and pphwwarrr might help speed things up ❓ ❓ I suppose it can’t hurt 😈 hehe Have managed to swim 10 lengths in the pool one day and than about 50 another day. lots of time logged in the hot tub. have ran through my Tai Chi form a couple of times, as well as my Kung Fu Stance one. Have done some serious power lifting…I mean shopping. so trying to keep up on my exercise. Looking forward to seeing what I do weigh when I get home and seeing if I have managed to lose anything or not. hope that I have not gained. My goal was to lose another 6 pds to add to the 114 and make a total of 120 pds by the first of december. I want to lose another 10 during the month of december so that by the first of the year, I have 130 pds off and weigh 250 pounds / 18 stone 2pds. If I managed to get down to 248pds that would be exactly 18 stone and that would be a 132 pd/9 stone 6 pd lost in about 9.5 months. That is my newest goal. πŸ˜†

What are your thoughts?

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