October 13, 2003

Had my usual Monday weighin, and I had a bit of a disappointment. Over the last two weeks, I had slowed down and have gained a little bit. so after two weeks of being stalled or going up, my total weight was 1.8 pounds gained. We have been eating out more, eating late, eating more, not exercising as much so maybe that is part of it along with my usual two week slow down. Well anyways, have noticed over the last few days that some of the weight has started to come off again. So we will see how much it will be on Monday’s weighin. I have a photo shoot on October 17 down in London for Woman magazine. They are doing a series of Body Confidence articles and I am in one probably out in November. I will know the date of the article at the shoot. K had her article for Woman come out on this week. It was great. 😉

What are your thoughts?

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