October 20, 2003

Monday weighin. I have lost 6.2 pounds since last monday. 8) I so do enjoy the weeks where I just about lose half a stone. I just wish that I did that every week. πŸ˜† This weight loss has me finally hitting another one of my goals. On Sunday, I hit the 105 pds/ 7.5 stones off. 105 pounds is the half way mark for me to my target goal. I originally wanted to lose 210 pds/ 15 stone ❗ so it is nice to be there now. I had my photo shoot on Friday the 17th. There were several things that I noticed. Such as I got onto the plane and went to turn sideways to go down the asile out of habit since I have had to do that for years to fit between the seats. I stopped as I realized that I could walk straight on down the aisle and not touch the seats on either side of me. The tray pulled down and sat mostly flat. I would like it to have a bit more room, but it was liveable and I would not have the tray at a precarious angle so that was a vast improvement on before. I had 6 inches left over of the seat belt and that was [b]WITHOUT[/b] a seatbelt extender ❗ and the armrest would fit down and mostly stay where in the past I couldn’t even get it down. I fit into the airplane bathroom and was able to clean myself while sitting with ease. I ate part of my airplane meal and left the rest and it took me the entire time to do it. in the past, I would eat it all quickly normally before they had even passed the meals out to everyone and than still be hungry. All told it was a rather excellent expierence. πŸ˜‰ I got to meet Kelly from BGAB for the first time face to face at the airport after the shoot and that was great. And both times on the plane, I sat in the window seat again after always choosing an aisle seat for some time. On the way home, it was an entirely full and packed plane. I had to have two business men move so that I could climb into my window seat and I did not see the familiar terror in their eyes as they realized that I was the one that had to fit into that window seat. this time it was just annoyance at having to move so that I could get in. but annoyance is much welcome compared to disgust and terror. πŸ˜€

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