October 27, 2003

I had my monday morning weigh in and I have lost another 2.8 pounds from last week. so that is all totaled 108.4 pds. I did manage to get a bit below that this week, and than flucuated back up over the weekend and ended up at that. so almost 110 pounds off now. Took the three dogs out into the woods yesterday and ended up walking only about 30 minutes. I covered the trail that I normally did in about 45 min twice. Apparently I am getting really fit these days, and I was not breathing heavily except when I went up hill. Even than it was some heavier breathing but not the usual gasp, pant, and just about die breathing. Didn’t really feel like a workout. I have to do more serious working out now to even feel like I did anything. that is all good, but being able to cover that much ground means that I am running out of woods. 😉 It is a small woods after all. 😆 only two more weeks before I go to Michigan. Hope that I survive that long flight. My bum gets so sore these days sitting for very much time. At least I will fit in the seat and with the tray down. cool huh?

What are your thoughts?

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