October 5, 2004

Weight still bouncing around some, I think…not sure becuase haven’t been weighing myself much. Been really busy. Lifeguarding at the pool, in school again, just decided today after about 7 weeks of class to change to a different class that was HNC rather than VTCT and after speaking with the teachers have also decided to do the full HNC in complimentary therpay and go to school full time. so not only am I horribly busy with everything else including the dogs, but now I am way behind and catching up too. Going to be spending the tattie holidays getting caught up. might have to take my name off the voluntaring list for all those shifts at the pool. 😆 Anyways, still have over 11 stone off, and even though I do flucuate, it only appears to be about up or down 3-7 pds. Still stay in that same area all the time. must dash, dogs barking and tea burning and head hurting from all the new facts and figures for school. yikes!!! 😯

What are your thoughts?

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