February 9, 2003

Today as been a bit more profitable day i suppose. I have not had any cheesecake today. and I have not eaten any of the chocolate sweets on the piano that I was eyeballing earlier but stayed away from. another course the night is still somewhat young. kidding. haven’t done much today except watch tv, study some for the test tomorrow which is the one that I was supposed to have had last week, and hold my youngest puppy. Prue has been really sick. she has not been right since I had to switch her food when her regular food did not come. i know that some may say it is just a dog, but my dogs are MY children. and after sitting for 6+ hours holding her hot little limp body on my lap and checking every so often to see if she is still breathing..well that is not fun. I was just getting her fattenend up a bit so that all her bones didn’t jut out. now will have to start all over again. so today has not been that exciting. I did go outside with the dogs earlier in the day. It was a nice day. No snow, no rain, no sleet, no hail, no wind, no sun…just a perfect scotland day. noticed that I have tons and tons of snowdrops coming up and flowered already. don’t they know that it is winter? can’t wait to see the garden this spring. well should go spend more time with my puppy and get her settled for the night. sounds like my middle pup is trying to throw up too. lovely. three barfing dogs. this is going to be one long night.

February 7, 2003

I think that today has not been much better of a day than yesterday. still sucks being fat and I am having some difficulties walking again. my back is killing me. It feels like this extra new weight that I have put on is pulling on my back, maybe it is the straw that broke the Dazzle’s back. had the upholster come out today. he thinks that the settee should have had a center legs and support from the beginning. a design problem, and the constant flexing of the frame since it was not supplied with legs in the middle has weakened the joints. he said it was too large of a settee to not have center feet. so I hope that is promising. but otherwise, not the best of days.

february 6, 2003

Today sucked. I want the op. NOW! had a horrible time getting in and out of my car today with my jeans on. they are baggy but still they bind so much more than stretchy stuff. but sick of stretchy stuff. and my back and muscles hurt so much before I was even half way done with all my shopping today. was walking and moving so much slower that I normally do. boy has this last stone just about killed me. had to go back to the town where I used to live. Geesh do I hate that place. and was there from about 2:20p until about 5:23p that was way too long. ahah and most of that time I was walking around and shopping. I think that my slides that I wore are getting to big and every step my toes are hanging on to them so I don’t walk out of them and that didn’t help any. Noticed alot more fat people there than i ever remember before, but then every one except one was looking horribly unhappy, unkept and completely broken. had an urge to stop them all and tell them about Mr P. I am so tired and so worn out. It just sucks being fat!!

February 5, 2003

It has been a bit of a depressing day. I have been on the phone with the Office of Fair Trading who referred me to The Trading Standard Office for my postal code who have referred me to another company that I will call tomorrow. I have been told to organize and pay for an independant upholster’s report. that was scheduled for tonight, but he had to cancel so now rescheduled for friday afternoon. and just reading through the original letters and having to repeat the story has been a depressing and embarrassing day.

February 4, 2003

Been having a lazy day inside the house. carried some firewood and some coal in so I have had a fire going all day. lovely. candles burning too. was watching the 3rd season of Sex in the City on dvd since it came today and yes..wow the dvd player came yesterday. Had my wonderful evening ruined when I had about 8 hooligans throwing tons of snowballs at my front windows, thought they were going to break the glass they were hitting so hard. I was sitting there minding my own business and they just about scared me to death..dogs too. they were quite agitated. they ran away when they saw me at the window. then I went to call the cops since they just ran down the street a bit, and they immediately came back when I was out of the window and did it again. did it to a neighbor down the road too.

also been thinking about the saga that I have had going on for ages with Look again about my stupid settee. short version they would not honor the warranty because I weigh over 15 stone, but the weight limit was never disclosed until at least 5 months after I bought it. depressing and so want that thing out of my house. have even tried putting it in the paper to sell it to some skinny person, but no one is buying furniture right now. I don’t even get calls for any of the furniture that I have for sale right now. wrong time of year I suppose. I want my money back and it gone. everyday I see it sitting there mocking me and making fun. I hate it and everything that it symbolizes. But I don’t know what to do. even had the highlighted in yellow report where they say it is due to me being a very large customer and the frame not able to take my weight. they refuse to uplift is and refund the money. stupid couch, stupid company. I have told this company to bite me and that I don’t want anything to do with them except them getting this out of my house and giving me my money back. do you know they still have the balls to send me catalogs and letters trying to get me to buy from them? still? I cross out my name and tell them to bite me and beat it and all sorts of nasty things and throw it back into the post box with their return address circled. yet they still send it. I hate companies. I hate Look Again. I hate this couch.

3rd Feb again

WOOOOOHOOOOOO!!!!!! The DVD player came. and it works too. yahoo!! the dog food came too. so hopefully now i can get them more sorted again. the little one has thrown up twice tongiht that I know of for sure. you just can not change her food. evidently the company did ship it correctly. the depot of the courier received it on thrusday so it should have been here before noon on friday but they just didn’t bother to deliver it unitl this afternoon. needless to say I got my shippping back, but that doesn’t make my puppy healthy again. jerks back to my roaring fire, burning scented candles and my show. all snuggled with puppies..now the only thing I am missing is my hubby. well, he is in tropical hot weather so he probalby wouldn’t WANT to snuggle. too hot heheheheheeheh yeah baby!

February 3, 2003

Test was CANCELLED!! they sent us home. during the 1.5 hours that I was there it must have dumped about 2 inches of snow. nothing for me, being used to huge amounts of snow for ages, but the Scots up here freak out where there is snow. yahoo. course still have to take it, but I did a bit of studying last night even though I could not focus and did not want to study. More of it stuck than I thought, because on the drive to school I was repeating all the things out loud to myself while driving and I had not looked at it since last night. so more got into the cracks than I thought. should be able to get it all sorted so that I know it perfect and that way I won’t have to do any remediation. going to suggest that we do the test that was supposed to be next week maybe on the Thursday of that week. otherwise we will end up doing it the last day of class and if there is any remediation to do, don’t know how that will be accomplished. got last weeks big test back. had a few bits wrong, in fact found some bits that were wrong that she missed and I marked them wrong and then corrected them when I did the rest of my remediation. so that test is all sorted. turned in my five reports and all the bits. told her to assess me on the last two things with my client. so if she is happy with my reports, it is done. Except the two tests that have been postponed in anatomy and the last couple of treatments for my last three clients. those will be finished soon. only have 7 more treatments to do over the next 2.5 weeks. so all totaled if they agree to do the test in her other class on that Thursday that I am thinking I could finished finito by 20th and won’t even have to go to class on the 24th of feb. yahoo and double yahoo. Woke up in intense pain in my back today. it is wrapping around and making it difficult to breath. I think since I had a bit of ibuprofen last night when I went to bed that I must have slept and not moved all night and my back didn’t like that. everything is starting to seize up, even my calf in my leg is cramping and I am limping. geesh need to just put me in a body bag now. had a friend/neighbor who is a nurse come over and realign my back. she isn’t trained how to do it but I told her and she did it and the vertebrae all clicked and moved. pain instantly gone. she was freaked because she could hear and feel them move, but it didn’t hurt. wow do I feel better. I am really interested to see what my back will be like once I have more weight off. none of my back pain is because of my weight, but I wonder how much pain will be relieved. hopefully enough for me to live the rest of my life, and not be in the pain that I live with everyday. course if I manage to not have any more car accidents, tumbles down stairs, falls in the yard, or other things that my accident prone self seems to be plagued with I sure that will help immensely. I have fallen off stairs, stools, chairs, had numerous car accidents in my younger days, been thrown from a horse when I was little, and the biggy…fell out of a tree and landed on my bum directly onto a big rock…oh forgot when I was hiking in the mountains in Peru I fell down a landslide and just managed to stop and later that same day fell down a bunch of these ancient steps that have been carved into the mountainside..I did manage to stop after bouncing down the steps with a metal framed back pack on my back just inches before going over the cliff. I stopped because I ran into another rock. you see it is not the driving, walking, climbing, hiking or the biking that I have problems with….it is all the stopping bits when I hit the rock, wall, granite, other cars, ground..ect that gets me. my dad always says that he doesn’t like to be around me for long periods of time, bad things happen around me. I don’t know what he is talking about. and yes, I want to be skinnier again so that I can be more fit and get back to all that. I want to redo the hike in Peru through the mountains. found a wonderful company here that does ONLY Peruvian tours and we can go and do the trip again. well AGAIN for me first time for husband. and I want to hike the Grand Canyon, Yosemite park, yellow stone park and hike in Mammoth Caves again. I have done them twice but husband had not ever. so many things to climb so little time. ahah I want to go white water rafting. same friend/neighbor that helped me out with my back this year is going white water rafting this summer with her hubby. she said that they had a devil of a time getting insurance because the rapids are 4 and 5’s. well 5 is considered extreme sport..so she got extreme sport insurance. cool. now is that posh or what. did any of you see XXX. besides the fact that Vin Disel is so yummy, I just loved the extreme sports. yeah baby!!! I want to do that all again. and some of it for the first time. It is just my body that doesn’t cooperate, it can’t keep up with me. I am a bit hyper today. yesterday had wheat. well as you saw I was so scattered and unfocused, melancholy and feeling off and sick. just wanted to listen to my heavy metal cds with all my candles burning and sit with my eyes closed rather than study. so I compromised, I turned the music down a bit, but did the rest. so back to the no wheat again. haven’t’ had any today. but did have a choc bar. so a bit hyper right now. would go do my salsa dvds, but yeah..did I forget to tell you? I still have NO dvd. small wonder huh? I think it must be a figment of my imagination. but I do have the receipt to prove that not only did I order it but that I paid for it. they promised today..after 4pm..we will see. it is 3:15pm. time is a ticking. have glorious plans tonight. going to light a fire in the fireplace AND leave the central heating on full blast. bloody cold here today. snuggle down to watch one of my fav shows and tape it for my hubby. light about half a dozen candles and snuggle with all three border collies on my futon with my two fleece blankies. yeah….I am ready after all the stress of those reports this week. going to veg and I am just loving the thought of it. see you later, dazzle Ps..do you guys like all my rambling on about things and all the emotions? I am good at telling stories but didn’t know if you guys like it or are tired of it already. ahahah