Beginning Home Dye Kit, Greener Shades Dye AR00134STO


Beginning Home Dye Kit with Color Sample Card, Greener Shades Dyes AR00134STO.  Here is the dye kit that you have been looking for to start your home dyeing.

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Beginning Home Dye Kit with Color Sample Card, Greener Shades Dyes AR00134STO.  Here is the dye kit that you have been looking for to start your home dyeing.

I have experimented with these dyes on some of my hand spun yarns, mill spun yarns, raw fleece, and locks.  I have even dyed a sweater and shirt or two.  I am very impressed with how easily they exhaust. The are low toxicity and have a lack of heavy metals compared to most other kits. The intense brilliant colors that I get are so vivid.   I added several photos of various yarns, locks, and a long weaving that I dyed with Greener Shades Dyes.

The Greener Shades Dye Kit comes with:

  • 9 colors in 1/4 oz jars (This is enough to dye approximately 14 pounds of fiber!)
  • Citric acid
  • Directions
  • Greener Shades Dye Color Card

I wanted to learn how to dye my own fiber. I wanted to still be kind to the environment.  The information on natural dyes overwhelmed me. I wanted a simple home dye kit to start dyeing on my own. Many acid dyes use heavy metals and are toxic.

Imagine my excitement when I found this home dye kit complete with everything I would need to start. All I had to do was add some Undyed Roving, yarn, or fiber. To make this even easier to use, I have included a dye card with samples of yarn dyed in all 9 colors to start you on your dyeing journey. All you add is water, fiber, heat, and imagination!  I began to play with all the brilliant colors. It is so much fun to dye at home and see what I can create. I have been giddy with Excitement!

Greener Shades are non-chrome, non-heavy metal acid dyes that have been specifically formulated for superior light and wash fastness. They are designed for dyeing all protein fiber such as wool, alpaca, cashmere and silk or any other animal source fiber as well as nylon.

Greener Shades are an environmentally responsible choice for dyeing. As there are no toxic metals used in their creation, no residual heavy metal molecules are found in the dye powder thus finding their way back into the environment, or being exposed to the dyer.  Any fiber, yarn or cloth that is dyed with these dyes won’t leave toxic materials when it biodegrades.

Depending on the colour used, Greener Shades dyes can require less energy as exhaustion may occur at lower water temperatures.  These wool dyes are adapted to the criteria of organic transformation by the OTA, the American organic trade association.

Non Toxic, Heavy Metal free (Coral Reef Aqua uses some amounts of copper), low impact, non-chrome. These dyes comply with the Organic Trade Associations criteria for organic fiber processing. Here is the link to the test results of each of the 9 colors on Greener Shades own website.

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