Corriedale Wool Roving 8 oz AR00002BSF


Corriedale 8 oz of Roving.  White Ecru Wool, Combed Top.  A Great Beginner Spinning Wool by Alba Ranch. AR00002BSF.

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Corriedale 8 oz of Roving, Beginner Spinning Wool by Alba Ranch. Combed Top, AR00002BSF.

Corriedale Cross Combed Wool Top comes from a Corriedale Sheep that has been crossed with another White Wool Sheep of similar type and wool. Both Sheep have a white ecru color to their Wool. Color is more cream than white. It is a value priced wool.  It is great for spinning, felting and dyeing.

  • 29.5 micron count
  • 3.5 inch staple length
  • Suitable for a beginning spinner
  • Natural undyed roving
  • Suitable for dying and for felting
  • 8 oz
  • Well defined Crimp
  • Medium soft wool
  • Commercial Combed Top

Corriedale was developed by crossing some Lincoln Long Wool Sheep with perhaps some Leicester and Merinos. This produced Corriedale which is a dual-purpose sheep that would preform well in the intermediate grassland areas of New Zealand and
Australia. Corriedale wool is reliable and multipurpose wool fiber. It can be a pleasure to spin, knit, or weave. it is medium-soft. It has a nice long staple with some luster. The Crimp is well-defined. This means it has a lot of loft and elasticity once it has been spun into yarn. It is a resilient fiber with enough character to be interesting. It is a flat tip lock with crimp clearly defined along the full length of the fiber.

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Weight .5 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 8 × 4 in


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