Helichrysum Infused Oil


Helichrysum Infused Oil. AR1012LAV.

Fragrant herbal notes reminding of Mediterranean hay fields.  Slight curry and/or maple pancake syrup smell.

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Helichrysum Infused Oil. AR1012LAV.

Helichrysum Handcrafted Infused Oil is an herbal dream for your senses.  Fragrant herbal notes reminding of Mediterranean hay fields.  Slight curry and/or sweet maple pancake syrup smell.

It is crafted over a month long process using Helichrysum flowers and leaves steeped in organic olive oil. After one month, the plant material is strained and you are left with a fragrant handcrafted oil of Helichrysum Italicum.

This process is different than essential oil or Hydrosol distillation.  It makes an infused herbal oil that is nourishing for the skin, a delight for the senses and a reminder of fresh fragrant herbs.



  • Skin nourishment
  • Soothing and comforting to skin
  • Apply after shaving to help sooth irritation and itchy skin
  • Apply topically for an herbal scent reminder of the herb garden

Each 1 oz glass bottle has its own eye dropper and is made using Helichrysum plant material, organic olive oil, and a trace amount of alcohol in a month long craft process.  The trace alcohol is part of the masceration process to help break the plant down and is in an amount too small for preservation. No essential oil, no other ingredients and no artificial preservatives added.

Topical use only.  Keep out of direct sunlight.

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