Ocean Wave Textured Shawl ARWP0001WEA


Ocean Wave Textured Yarn Shawl ARWP0001WEA.  Ocean Wave Textured Shawl makes you see the ocean with all the waves, grasses, and beauty of the water.  Hand woven from hand dyed fibers and handspun into Textured yarn.

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Ocean Wave Textured Yarn Shawl ARWP0001WEA.

Ocean Wave Textured Yarn Shawl is handwoven and made from all of my own yarns. I see the ocean, waves and grasses and flowers next to a river when I look at this shawl.  It is loaded with color and Textured yarn for an incredibly unique and unusual textured weaving.

All the weft is handspun yarn and hand dyed yarn using many different wools.  It used a lot of highly textured yarn. The Lockspun yarn is specifically Leicester Longwool, Teeswater, and a lamb fleece from a Border Leicester x Gotland lamb.

The warp is 60/40 merino/mohair  from my own merino sheep and Angora goats.  White Mama and 305 are the 2 Merino sheep  that donated the Merino wool.  Michelle, her daughter Lucy and her grandson Sammi are the 3 angora goats that donated their mohair curls after their spring and fall haircuts.  After shearing, I sent those out to be processed and spun by the mill to make a nice even and fine warp yarn. I left that warp for this weaving undyed and in the natural color grown by the animals.

  • Fiber content:  various wools, angora, mohair, alpaca, Angelina, metallic thread, Leicester Longwool locks, Teeswater locks, Border Leicester x Gotland locks
  • 25 inches wide
  • 75 inches long
  • Handwoven
  • Handspun Textured yarn
  • Hand dyed

It has been washed in a hot soak and rinsed several times but still needs hand washing in COLD on it’s own to avoid bleeding colors.  Dry flat without heat or agitation to avoid felting or additional shrinking.

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