Peppermint Hydrosol


Peppermint Hydrosol.  AR1019LAV. Handcrafted Small Batch Hydrosol. Mild mint herbal scent.

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Peppermint Hydrosol AR1019LAV. Handcrafted Small Batch.

Peppermint Floral waters are a dream for your senses.  Fragrant mild mint smell all in a glass spray bottle.  A little spritz and you can stop and smell the peppermint anywhere you want.

Steam distilled in an artisinal copper still over a low heat slowly to extract all the plant goodness.  Floral waters, Hydrosol, or hydrolat are all different names for the water portion of the steam distillation.

Ingredients:  100% pure Peppermint Hydrosol

Uses:  Peppermint Hydrosol can be used for many different things. All the plant goodness already diluted in a mild water form.

  • Skin toner with cooling effect
  • Mentally stimulating
  • Facial Spritz to revive during hot weather
  • Spritz to revive when tired
  • Apply topically for an herbal scent reminder of the herb garden any time
  • Spritz a room or linens for a fresh scent without all the toxins

Each 4 oz glass bottle has its own spritz sprayer and is made using plant flowers, leaves and stems grown here at Alba Ranch.  Grown in a natural holistic way without pesticides here at Alba Ranch in New Era, MI. Steam distilled in small batches. I pull my weeds by hand.  No artificial preservatives added.

Topical use only.  Keep cool and out of direct sunlight.

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