Ultra Fine Merino Wool Roving 8 oz AR00008BSF


Ultra Fine 15.5 Micron Merino Wool Roving Combed Top 8 oz AR00008BSF.

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Ultra Fine 15.5 Micron Merino Combed Top. 8 oz Wool Roving by Alba Ranch. Luxury Merino Spinning Fiber. AR00008BSF.

I melt when I put my hand in the bag of this Ultra Fine Merino. It is fine and fills me with bliss. It is a dream to use when you learn How to Spin Yarn. It is easy to use for making felt, both in wet and dry felt projects.

This wool is from Australia and is limited in production. It is from the Saxon breed of Merinos. This fiber is the crown jewel of the fine fleeces. This listing is for 8 oz of this superb delicious fiber.

  • 2.5-3 inch staple length
  • 15.5 Micron Count
  • Natural Ecru White
  • 8 oz Combed Wool Top
  • Luxury Fine Wool
  • Suitable for Dyeing
  • Suitable for Felting
  • Suitable for an Experienced Spinner

I would class this wool more as a wool for spinners with some experience in spinning yarn. It is a shorter staple length and very fine. This suits a more seasoned spinner.  Having said that, no one told me when I started spinning that Merino was not for beginners. I started out spinning very fine and ultra fine wool just like this. Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t spin this. Take your time and you can spin almost anything!

I spun this very wool for over a year during the very first Journey To The Golden Fleece Course with Fibery Goodness’s Suzy Brown, Woolwench of Tiny Studios. I used this wool exclusively for the entire course. My final project, Antique Traditions, was included in the art gallery exhibit in PA. A photo of one of the yarns and the final project is included for your reference. This wool is a dream!

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