Young Adult White Mohair Roving 8 oz AR00017BSF


Young Adult White Mohair Roving 8 oz AR00017BSF.

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White Mohair Roving 8 oz, Spinning Wool by Alba Ranch, Angora Goat Mohair Combed Top. AR00017BSF.

Mohair is notable for its high luster and sheen. It is both durable and resilient. Mohair does have scales like wool, but they are not fully developed. This causes it to be more slippery and silky. It will felt but not the same as a sheep wool. It takes some extra work.  I have felted it in the past and found that when it is blended with sheep wool, the mohair and sheep wool will felt at a different rate. This give some very interesting textures and effects.

Mohair is excellent for spinning, and will fluff up with a halo after it has been fulled and washed. Mohair fiber has a micron count that can coarsen as the goat ages. Some kid fleeces, or first clips, will have a micron count that is very fine. Young adult is the next finest for micron count. Adult and Mature Adult are the most coarse of the mohair micron counts.

Mohair is warm in winter as it has excellent insulating properties, while remaining cool in summer due to its moisture wicking properties.

I particularly like this combed top as it is one of the really super white ones and I have always preferred the super white mohair to any of the colored mohair locks. I find that the white has such endless possibilities with how I can dye it or use it white as it is.  Mohair takes dye exceptionally well. The fiber or yarn created from mohair and dyed will just sparkle with color.

It is very lustrous and silky. It is durable, naturally elastic, flame resistant and crease resistant. It is considered to be a luxury fiber, and generally is more expensive than a lot of sheep fleeces. It is sought after for hand spinning and is a very wonderful fiber.

Angora goats can grow up to 1 inch of fiber per month. Traditionally they are clipped twice a year, but sometimes clipping will be delayed a few months to get an extra long lock.

I have raised Angora goats myself, hand sheared their fleece and processed it on my ranch in the past. I no longer have an Angora goat herd, but I do still like to have some mohair fleece around. I have raised the Angora goats, sheared them, processed their fiber, carded the fiber, spun the fiber, spun from locks, dyed mohair in both rovings and locks, woven mohair, felted mohair and crocheted with mohair. I know mohair and I like this combed top.

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