Raasay, is the name of my new puppy. She is an Old Time Scotch Collie (OTSC). How does one come up with a name for a new puppy since using the name repeatedly must start immediately upon arrival at home. It can be a challenge to choose a name right off and get it right so that it suits the pup.

Raasay, OTSC, Old Time Scotch Collie

I went looking for her name in the same way we chose our last collie puppy name four years ago. I looked at a list of Scottish Islands and tried them out loud. A few names I did have to ask Google how to pronounce them. Many Scottish Islands have a Gaelic spelling. Isle of Raasay is one of those islands that caught my eye. You pronounce it like “Sassy” but with an “R”.

Raasay, OTSC Collie

I did not know if this would be her name or if it would suit her. Charlie was offshore so I could not ask him. You see… Raasay was a surprise. We had talked about getting a new puppy for four years but had just not felt it the right time. I came to the conclusion that there never is a right time or a wrong time at all. There is only time and right now. So….Raasay happened. She is a whirlwind and a rascal. She adores Gigha, who is her biological aunt. She also loves Morag but Morag is taking her time getting to know Raasay a lot slower in little increments of time. Did I mention Raasay is a whirlwind?

Raasay, OTSC Collie

What are your thoughts?

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