Redesigning Looks for New ArtFire and New Alba Ranch has been redesigning its studio look.  Having gone live recently there is a buzz and a stir going on.  Some folks love the new look, some hate it.  Some like me are working with it and have got it tweaked enough to like it and happy enough in the interim to wait for the bugs to work out.  The Look is really growing on me.  The Bugs working out have been handled with concern and timely, so I am happy to wait and see how things settle out.

There has been so much change, I thought on a personal note to add in my own change as well.  I have been redesigning the blog, migrating over all the old static web pages, and getting my photo galleries moved over, fleshed out and updated.  The photo gallery part is still the last bit left to do and is in progress.  I don’t like change all that much but since one of my new goals is to “easily flow with new experiences, new directions and new changes” I decided what the heck?  Throw my entire web page, domain and blog into the blender of change as well.

What do you think?  both of the web blog pages here and the online shop with Artfire. Leave your comments below and tell me your thoughts and suggestions.

What are your thoughts?

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