Sabatoge on the Ranch

Suburban died, fuel pump? first time in 4 yrs it hasn’t started even. I got jeep back to NOT make it home. It died. hmmm…mechie is wondering if I have some enemies..that seems to be fuel pump as well. Turns out Jeep had saw dust in the gas tank. Suburban fuel pump failed as well. and I figured out 2 weeks after when I drove the Jaguar that the fuel pump on it had failed too as we got stranded about 200 miles from home.

Had to file police report, insurance reports, all vehicles now have locked gas caps, and our security has been beefed up…. and by security, I did not mean the dogs with extra hamburger!!!

Guy that I got the bug from in Pueblo keeps calling and texting me and trying to get the car back. why is that car so important to him? Police have his address, phone numbers and info. I do wonder. He is so creepy!

That is three cars at one time. Hmmmm… jag is not happy, bug starter is out, other bug’s heat won’t turn off and it is 95 degrees. guess I am staying ON THE RANCH!!

What are your thoughts?

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