September 17, 2003

Today is my six month anniversary of my surgery. 8) It is hard to believe that time has gone by this fast. There were times when I was in the hospital that I never thought I would ever get over the pain, that I wouldn’t survive, and that I would never be able to eat again. as well as the usual, this won’t work for me and I will never lose weight thought 😯 But I have survived, the pain is gone, and I have lost weight. As of today, I have 95 pounds or 6 stone 11 pds off. 210 pounds is the total of what I want to lose, so I only need 10 pounds more to be half way to MY goal. My surgeon did say that most of his patients would lose 40% of their starting weight, and if I were to go by that weight, which is considered a success in his books, I am only about 55 pounds away from his goal. I like my goal better though. I have noticed that I am beginning to prance around a bit, specially wearing clothes that fit snugly and even a top that is shorter. It does not cover my bum up. Still have a serious pudge in the tummy that isn’t normal for me, and if it was mostly gone, I would be thrilled with my shape, but it has to go. Some of course will go with a tummy tuck, but there is still a lot of fat in there that has to go first. so back to the working out, lifting weight and watching what I eat. My next goal is 100 pounds off, well actually want to have about 7-8 pounds off by the first of October. Than 12 more off by the first of November, and than at least 5 more off by the middle of November when I go back to the states for a visit. that will be the first time that they see me and making all those goals will have me at 120 pounds lost by the time that I arrive in the USA. than hoping even with eating out and indulging a bit with the Thanksgiving holiday to still lose 5 pounds during that two weeks so that by the beginning of December I have 125 off. than hoping for at least another 10-15 pds during the month of December to make it between 135-140 pounds off by the first of the year. those are my goals all laid out for the next few months. so off I go to get at them. 😉

What are your thoughts?

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