September 17, 2005

I have been on my second level of Bach Flower Remedy courses in June after I finished my HNC in complementary therapy. I went on my foundation course for NO HANDS Massage at the beginning of July. The rest of July I spent in Colorado on our land with my husband. We had a driveway put in and got an address. No house or mail box, but we do have the driveway and address ❗ 8) August I spent getting the house readied, listed, put on the market to sell, started selling off furniture and items in the house, had numerous quotes done for the removal and shipping of the contents of our house, and also quotes done for the shipping of the dogs over to Colorado. I had a few clients here and there during that time also just to keep me busy. House is on the market with noone coming for any viewings as of yet. Patience is the big thing, I know, but that has never been my strong suit. I am getting everything organized for monday in about 36 hours, when I go into the hospital in Aberdeen to have my hernia repaired. The doctor is going to remove some of the loose skin on the upper part of my abdomen, cut out the old scar and redo it, and fix the hernia. hoping that I will not only be in better shape with the constant hernia pain, but also a fair bit tighter in that particular area. saving the actual tummy tuck to be done in the states later on in a year or more. so it i has been all go go go here with me being the queen of organization. I have met some wonderful fun people on a forum in Canon City, Colorado and having a blast getting to know them. so hoping that the house sells quickly and that we can get moved over there before christmas. now just to face and get through this operation on monday morning…. 😯

What are your thoughts?

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