September 23, 2003

I had my offical weekly weigh in yesterday and I had lost another 6.2 pounds since last monday. That is almost half a stone in just 7 days. woohoo ❗ 😆 Still wishing that I could do that EVERY week. 😯 so I am sitting at .6 of a pound ( that darn .6 again) shy of having 100 pounds off in six months and 5 days. I am definitely getting there. I went and tried on about 1/4 of my original wardrobe that I had given to a new seamstress to alter. She pinned them to my size from two weeks ago, but I did instruct her to go more generous with her seams than what she had pinned. Many of the items are a bit snug, but that is ok. It is a welcome change to things always swimming on me. 8) Also being snug like that, means that I will be able to wear them for much longer. I hope to have another 20 pounds off by thanksgiving when I go back to Michigan, and it would be a shame if all my newly altered clothes were hanging on me again. But I figure that they will still be ok by that time. The rest of the wardrobe she will alter in the beginning of November. She is chocablocked with weddings until than and can’t do anymore alterations. I do have to go back and pick up five of the things that she originally did that needed to be taken in even more. I haven’t done much this week on the front of exercise except my weekly class of 2.5 hours of Tai Chi. I have done some walking while shopping and have done lots of shivering which uses up calories too. 😆 I think that we have decided that there is a limit to being “mean” and that we need to finally turn on the central heating. The conservatory is sitting at 58 F /14 C and I don’t think there is much difference between that and the rest of the house. I went to bed early last night, and when Chaz came in he put his arm around me and I heard this voice say “WHAT have you got on?” and I responded “everything that I own.” I had gone to bed with my socks on, sweats, long nightshirt, tshirt and than a heavy sweatshirt over all of that and was shivering UNDER the covers and the duvet and STILL could not get warm. He said that it felt like I was wearing a duffel bag. 😆 This reduction in weight has seriously cut down on my R factor, either that or our house is just bloody cold ❗ 🙂

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