September 29, 2003

I had my weekly weigh in today. I had lost another 1.8 pounds. that does put me over the 100 pounds lost mark and a bit more. total so far now is 101.2 pounds/ 7 stone 3.2 pounds. Once I hit the 105 pounds/ 7.5 stone mark, than I will be exactly [b]HALF WAY[/b] to my goal weight. I had an email from my surgeon the other day and he said that the World Health Organization sets the standard as to what is considered a success with a WLS. You have to lose 25% of your starting weight in the first 12 months to be considered a success. By that standard, I had lost exactly 25% of my starting weight by my 6 month mark. He did say that when I have lost 40% of my starting weight that I will have lost more than what half his patients manage to reduce and be farther than most of them. MY target weight is even lower than that. My target weight would put me squarely into the NORMAL category of the BMI index of my weight for my height. That is where I want to be. 8) I lifted weights again. Have been lacks on doing that lately. I have a bit of soreness, not nearly as much as I expected, but it is still early on and that could all change. 😆 Also did some Tai Chi, and have my Tai Chi class on Tuesday night. This week has gone by rather quickly and it seems like we were just at class last week. We did measurments too. It has been 5 weeks since we did them. I checked and over the last 6 weeks I have lost a total of 17.8 pounds/ 1 stone 3.8 pds. My inches lost over my body are 8.75. So my actual pounds lost was much higher, but my inches lost was much much lower this 6 week period. During this 6 week period, I tried to watch what I ate a bit better, smaller portions, better choice foods and anything sweet or fine in more limited quantities. But I did not exercise as much, so the weight loss was greater but the inch lost was not as much. I did lose mostly along my butt, tummy, and thighs. Lost serious inches there and even Chaz commented that after being gone for 3 weeks, he could see that my butt looked smaller. So that was visible after just 3 weeks. The bulk of my extra weight now is my butt, tummy, and thighs. There is some in other parts but not like the big bits there, so that is where I will lose it the most probalby now. Still on target to have my goal of 120 pounds off by Thanksgiving. working on that one still. 😉

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