September 3, 2004

Funny how now that the article is out for New! magazine that my weight is bouncing all over the place. on my official weigh in day of the first of this month, I had gained about 4 pounds and was up higher than I had been in at least 6 weeks. the next morning I had dropped 2.5 pounds and than today back up part way again. 😆 my body weight is flopping around like a fish just landed out of water on the beach. oh well 😕 probably holding water again becuase I don’t really feel any bigger, my belly dancing skirts are still fitting tighther than they were before ( they are wrap arounds so i can see how much wraps compared to before and it is MORE rather than less) and if it wasn’t water weight than how could you explain such huge jumps. But this journal is for the good, bad, and the ugly so I won’t candy coat it. I still jump all over with my weight on the scales and of course it is during a time when i don’t want that to happen and others are watching. isn’t that how it always goes? Belly dancing started back up. yahoo ❗ started walking with the dogs again. hoping to get back to Tai Chi again here soon and maybe even a swim or two. dogs are still puppies and need a lot of supervision but since they are now about 3 months old, i can leave them for 4-5 hours and with Chaz home I can get some things done. coming up here soon to my 1.5 year anniversary since being post op. have about 14 days more and it will be here. hard to believe that it has been that long since the op but sometimes it seems like years. 8)

What are your thoughts?

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