Setting the Stone Circle Part One

I told you there have been some major changes happening here at Alba Ranch.  I am going in a new direction and focus that involves less animals and more herbs, plants and sound healing concerts.  I want a zen area and to create STILLNESS and Peace. A happy place that just helps you to Breathe.

I realised a major dream here this summer.  I am so excited to tell you!

I adore the stone circles and ruins I have seen in both Manchu Picchu, Peru and in Scotland.  The time that I lived in both countries created many memories that still make me smile. 

Corner Big Rock
Corner Big Rock

There was a day back about 5 years ago that I drove in the drive calling to Charlie to open the gate and get out the way.  I informed him that there was a big dump truck coming with about 15+ ton of rocks that I had picked out.  Big rocks that were dumped in a pile just inside the gate. 

Charlie looked at me and said “I just got that spot cleared of logs and you want to dump a bunch of rocks there? We aren’t  building any circles for years!”

I looked at him and replied that of course I did.  The rocks needed to BE HERE so they could decide and TELL ME where they wanted to be.  Over the years, I mowed around them and tried to picture them as a circle where I thought they were going to be.  But I just could not see it. 

August 20, 2021 was the day we set our stone circle.  I did not wake up that morning intending to set a stone circle.  I intended to place a couple of rocks but as soon as we started, the stones started talking.  I was so excited I was jumping up and down and told Charlie that we were setting the circle and the HEART STONE was in the middle.  Two hours later our stone circle was set.  It almost built itself.

Stone Circle at New Era, MI
Alba Ranch Stone Circle

I had not been able to see the circle before because I was looking in the wrong spot on the Ranch.  We cleared this part of dead dying pine trees during the summer and a new site appeared.  There was nothing but forest in that spot this spring.  It is not finished but the bare bones are there and some of the plants are in.  

Moon Garden Chair Tock
Moon Garden Chair Rock

On the Autumn Equinox, we had a few people come over and played handpans and crystal singing bowls.  The goats watched and listened.  We lit the two fires in the cool Autumn air and the sun set with gorgeous colors.  It was a really nice evening.  I hope for many more evenings to come once we get even more finished and you can visit. 

If you want to see a few photos and hear a few bits of the music, watch this short video HERE.  While you are there, hit the like button, subscribe and don’t forget the bell so you get notified when I post a new video.  That is the Alba Ranch YouTube channel. Keep an eye both here and the YouTube channel for more photos and videos.

What are your thoughts?

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