Spiral Path Around Stone Circle

In case you wondered…how did the spiral path around the Lavender Stone Circle come to be?

Simple really. I wanted a path that curved.  Something not straight. Not a particular curve. Any curve would do. I asked My husband for an idea. My husband is an engineer and he decided on the spiral.  It is never simple when you ask an engineer!

He decided on a specific curve. I am not sure why he chose it. The path looks cool and it is “not straight”. That was all that I cared about.

Fibinocci Spiral.  Have you ever heard of it? It is in nature frequently. Certain seashells, a starfish, the rings of trees, flower petals, the “eye” of the storm, the arms of a galaxy of stars, and even in the human body such as the ear. It occurs frequently in flowers and plants naturally.

We have curving paths all over the terraces…meandering…but the spiral around the Stone Circle is the only one that is a specific ratio.  The definition of a Fibinocci spiral is a bit technical, more than I can simplify it. My husband chose it and likes it. It looks fantastic to me and is not straight. That is good enough for me!

The curves of the 3 raised beds of lavender around the stone circle are equal distances measured from the “heart stone” in the middle of the circle.  The Heart stone is the stone in the middle of the Lavender Stone Circle and shaped like a heart.   

Spirals are all over Scotland and Celtic imagery.   My husband is from Scotland…so it all came together, in a chaotic way. “Chaos Gardening” is my favorite way to garden.

What are your thoughts?

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