Lockspinning Mohair Textured Yarn

Lockspinning Mohair Textured Yarn

Lockspinning Mohair yarn for a bulky art yarn full of texure. This is wonderful weaving yarn. Read more…..

Vintage Kitchen Decoration

Vintage Kitchen Decoration

It is so pretty that I decided I just must SEE it every day!!

Heart Shaped Vintage Chair

I found this stunning Heart shaped chair recently and thought it paired perfectly with my Missouri Loom. I have found vintage chairs are a better fit for me than most modern chairs. The seat height is many times 19-20 inches which works so much better for my long legs.

This meant it had to be in my breakfast nook with a table and chairs set. The space really isn’t big enough for a table and chairs let alone a loom and chair as well.

This posed an interesting dilemma. I had to think creatively outside of the box for a solution. Working with small spaces many times requires a bit of trial and error to make things fit.

Missouri Loom and vintage Heart Shaped Chair

I started first with the loom and heart shaped chair.

I put all new heddles on all 4 harness of the loom. Both texsolv and inserted eye. I wanted to move away from the flat metal heddles that came on the loom.

I also changed out the 15 dent reed to a 8 dent reed. Now I can weave with medium and bulky textured yarn that I handspin. If I get into super Bulky handspun Textured yarn, I can change the reed out to my 4 dent reed for an even wider sett.

This is going to be fun. I got that part done now. It is so cute, cozy and don’t you think it is just PERFECT??

The next step was the table and chairs. The fact that it is only the two of us made it easier. We do not need a big table or a lot of space for two people. I setteled on a 30 inch diameter vintage side table. It is supposed to be a side table, but it is 30 inches high like any other table…so I am not caring.

Vintage Table and Spider Back Chairs

I found these 2 chairs from 2 different sellers almost 2 years apart. So this has been a long time in the making for this decoration. I really like the spider back chairs and their velvet softness with the warm wood. Which is why I think I am not completely finished as I must now paint that table. The cool gray with all the warm colors around it is just WRONG!! It will have to do for now though.

All together

Here is everything altogether. The weaving loom, new heart shaped chair, along with the new dinningroom table and chairs. It is all stuffed into a dinning nook barely big enough for the teensy table. Yes, it is a bit “close”. But I can move around it, and it doesn’t look awful.

Morag, the red tri border collie even has her hidey hole blanket down the back of the loom still. You can see her in one of the photos. Can you find her?

And even better yet, it lets me have my weaving loom and heart chair where I can see both every single day. There is a much better chance of some textured weaving happening. I am going still going to use that handspun bulky yarn yet.

This is right next to the cozy dinning in my cozy kitchen. My small space in my small house. Doesn’t everyone have a weaving loom in their dinning nook WITH the table and chairs?

Ps. I still have to paint that dang gray table. Pop a comment down below. Tell me what you think of it all together. And tell me…what color SHOULD the table be??

Kantele and a Sound Journey

Kantele and a Sound Journey

Charlie has been working on a new project. He built a Kantele for me. What is a Kantele? It is a 10 string Finnish Zither. A stringed instrument that can be plucked or strummed and many times is used as an accompaniment for singing. This is the first of several instruments he is building for me. A harp, monochord, and native american flutes are all in the come soon.

I have always wanted a harp and love the idea of stringed intruments. I have never played a harp before so had no idea if I woud find it difficult or natural.


I was both pleasantly surprised and greatly pleased to find that I have a natural affinity for this instrument. It excites me with the possibilities of the new instruments to come and how I can use them in sound healing.

It is such a pretty instrument and Charlie did a wonderful job building it. The sound is light and airy with a pleasing pure tone. I can see stringed instruments becoming a large part of the relaxing Sound Healing sessions.

details Kantele

I use several instruments for a sound journey session. A large portion of most sessions use singing bowls. I have three types of singing bowls. A 2 octave set of crystal singing bowls, a hand hammered Himalayan metal bowl set, and several Zen Vibrapoint metal bowls used for targeted vibration work. All the bowls can be used on the body except the ones made from crystal. I also use several types of drums, handpans, stringed instruments, and a gong. I hope to add a smaller harp and monochord soon.

Sound Journey

I am currently scheduling for single person session and 2 person couple sessions. A single person session is 50-60 minutes and is specific for that person’s current needs. We discuss what is bothering them and what they would like to try to target for that day. A couples session is 60-70 minutes and is a bit more of a group focus. A couples session is defined as two people. It can be a couple in a relationship, 2 best friends, parent and child, 2 siblings, grandparent and child, or 2 strangers. It is wonderful for a special anniversary or date night as well as a friend night out event.

Single person session (50-60 min) is $60.00.

Couple Two person session (60-70 min) is $100.00.

For booking and scheduling an appointment you can reach me in several ways.

On Instagram, send a DM to @alba.ranch. On Facebook, send a message to Alba Ranch or to Melisa Morrison. Email direct to albaranch@gmail.com. Once the initial session has been set up, clients have a cell phone number for text and calls.

What are you waiting for? Book now to start to relax and re balance from all the stresses of life.

Crystal Singing Bowls

Ocean Wave Textured Yarn Shawl AR1WP0001WEA

Ocean Wave Textured Yarn Shawl AR1WP0001WEA

Ocean Waves Textured Shawl off the loom and finished. Handwoven from hand dyed handspun Textured yarn. Most of the Textured yarn is Lockspun from Leicester and Teeswater longwool locks.

Ocean Wave Shawl 1

This is me back weaving again after a long vacation from most of my looms. This my first one just off the loom. I thought I was going to hate the colors at first when I started to weave, but it is growing on me. I did try an experiment with 2 rows of nothing but locks to see if it will look great. I think it added some pizazz!

Close up texture Ocean Waves Shawl

Still working on some of the last of a Border Leicester x Gotland lamb fleece, with some Teeswater and Leicester Longwool locks I have dyed up and ready to spin. All the weft is my handspun and hand dyed textured yarns. The two I used the most of in this weaving are Seabreeze Textured Yarn and Summer Forest Textured Yarn. The warp is some of my own homegrown merino and mohair left from my time out in Colorado. All the yarn that is not turquoise is lock spun from same locks in the 2 rows and plyed with a lace weight Angora rabbit yarn.

Drying outside after washing

It was going to be either a shawl or a bag for my new 20 inch ocean drum. I could not make up my mind which until it was off the loom and depends on how it acts after being washed, fulled and dried. It took two days to wash, soak, dry and decide. I think it is a shawl.

Oceans Wave Shawl is now listed in the shop for sale. This is very unique Textured weaving that will not last long. There is only one. Shop link in the menu top. Direct link is HERE! The shawl is in the Wearables section. Hurry!

Now I have to warp up the loom and weave another because I really do need that bag for my new Ocean Drum.