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Rick and Rachel

We lost a couple more dogs here at Alba Ranch as well.  This has been a difficult time for us.  I thought I had better get caught up a bit with what has been going on…but for a while I just wanted to take a moment.     Rick (Feb 2016-March 21, 2018)   Rick…

By Melisa June 7, 2018 0

Willow the Akbash, A Livestock Guardian Dog

Willow the Akbash, a Livestock Guardian Dog (March 2013 – August 17, 2017)   It is with heavy heart that I tell you that my darling Willow, my Willowmina, has passed away.  She was 4 years old and a stunning Akbash.  Akbash are a breed of Livestock Guardian Dogs (LGD) from Turkey.  Willow guarded her…

By Melisa September 16, 2017 5