French Angora Bunnies…

I have 3 new French angora bunnies.  This is my first with with rabbits of any kind but I have spun the fibre and adore it.

I got 2 does and a buck and if I am comfortable with them and their care, than at the beginning of the year I will try my hand at breeding them.

Eve, Blue French Angora Rabbit

Eve is a Blue French angora doe.

She is least nervous of all the rabbits around me, and she is absolutely huge.  A very big girl.

I have to pluck her here in a few days as she is starting to blow her coat.  I did some of it a few days ago to hold her till this weekend, but now have to finish her coat.

Brigett, Lilace French Angora Rabbit

I also got Bridgett who is a Lilac French doe. She is a little nervous around me, but is starting to settle.

She also is starting to blow her coat and I will have to pluck her this weekend as well.  Doing that should help her settle a bit more with me as it takes some time to do.

Fairbanks, REW French Angora Rabbit

This is Fairbanks, the white French Buck.  He has been used to breed a few times already to some other coloured does and he throws wild and wondrous colours.  He has colour on both sides.

I have to do a bit of grooming on him as I see some tangels wanting to start and hopefully with that he will settle as he is the most scared of me of all 3 rabbits.  He is the youngest as well at only 9 months old.

I can’t wait to start spinning their fibre and making lovely yarns.  These are my new bunnies, what do you think of them?