Aztec Mocha

I came back from Fiber Group and told DH wanted to go get a coffee. We piled Kizy the Great Pyr into back of VW bug and went to get coffee.


Started raining and sleeting once we left but I carried on. Going in to get my Mayan Mocha now. Of course DH thought I was nuts ??? Is it MY fault the coffee was almost 1.50 hours away?? He is lucky he isn’t on his way to Mexico!

We went for a joy ride. 3 hrs to get an Aztec Mocha. Place had gone out of business. Went for walk and found new coffee place. Didn’t make Aztec but knew where I could get one. Drove there. Got 2. Told DH was $12.51 for 2 coffees. DH said that had I come back without coffee saying it was too expensive, I would have got a slap in the heid and sent back in.

We went almost home but didn’t want to stop joy riding so drove to Canon which was another 1.5 hour drive in another direction. Tired now. No more joy riding!