Zaro’s unplanned pregnancy Quads Born Oct 11, 2013

Zaro’s unplanned pregnancy Quads Born Oct 11, 2013

Zaro was bred to my buck, or so I thought. Her due date would be in a month. She kidded yesterday with quads.

Kid 1. Doeling with blue eyes. $75

2 doelings and 2 bucklings. all very large and same sized. up and feeding. All my stock is registered however not knowing the daddy for certain, I cannot register the babies.



Kid 2. Buckling with brown eyes. $50


I will be selling them as unregistered stock in a few days as bottle babies if anyone is interested. $75 for the doelings and $50 for the bucklings.






Kid 3. Buckling with blue eyes. $50


Zaro was a FF that was doing 4 lbs a day milk. This is her second freshening and she is one of my easiest hand milkers, expresses easily and did allow a couple of bucklings to wet nurse some.



Kid 4. Doeling with brown eyes and frosted rings at base of ears. $75