Ponchos, Shawls, and Mobius Oh My……

Ponchos, Shawls, and Mobius OH my….they have been multiplying as I have been crocheting so very much recently.  Crochet is easy to do, easy to transport and relaxing.  Free form Crochet is even more of my favorite as I form and shape the garment as it emerges.  Size Changes can be made as I go along to get very interesting shapes and designs.

Fall Circle Poncho.  This is free form crochet at its best with a 17 mm size R. I used a lovely Boucle Yarn that is 35% Baby Alpaca, 30% Merino, 30% Bamboo, and 5% Nylon Binder….Baby WooBoo Boucle Yarn.

Close up
Fall Circle Poncho



I hand painted the 2 skeins with Greener Shades Acid Dyes for Color to get this wonderful array of Fall Colors.  I also crocheted a lovely small cowl neck line for extra warmth and snuggle as this is such a super soft yarn.  Every person that has tried this Fall Circle Poncho on has twirled in a circle smiling and giggling or they have wrapped up with it and burrowed deep like a turtle.  It is a springy, soft, bouncy yarn with lots of character.


Close up


Chartreuse Green Boucle Poncho is another free form crochet poncho that I did with the same size hook and  the same Boucle yarn hand dyed into this eye popping Chartreuse Green.


Chartreuse Green Boucle Poncho

This is more of a ballet sort of poncho, closer to the body, more open lace and much lighter than the circle poncho.  It is such a fun color!!

Spring Fling Shawl is done with the same large size R bamboo crochet hook and the Boucle Baby WooBoo Yarn.  I hand painted this in these lovely spring bright colors.

Spring Fling Shawl with both ends wrapped over a shoulder
Spring Fling Mobius






The Spring Fling Mobius can be worn in so many ways such as low on the shoulder like a small snug or wrap.


Spring Fling Mobius double on neck


Or it can be worn double looped around your neck for a very warm neck indeed  on those cold nights.

All of these can be found in my shop online for Alba Ranch except the Fall Circle Poncho.  That I am going to put in a Fashion Show in Salida, CO in October.



Triangle Loom

I got my new triangle loom and it has been waiting for Charlie to put it together.

Close up of Tri Weave

He got it together the other day once I was ready to start weaving as this time I wanted to use the 8 ft loom and we only have the 12 x 18 cabin. With a loom that size, in that small of a space, I knew that I could not put it together and just look at it for days. I managed to get about 2 of the 8 ft wove that first night but have not done much in the last two days. I do hope to get at it more, as it is in the way and rather large!

8 ft tri loom

This is using a hand painted Boucle yarn called Baby Woo Boo. It is 35% Baby Alpaca, 30% Merino, 30% Bamboo and 5% nylon binder.

Big Box of Fiber

I just unpacked 3 boxes of 138 pds of fiber. 15.5 micron merino…I about wet myself! Shetland…yum. Blended dark brown and light brown to make a medium brown merino…omg. Polwarth Silk blended top….dreamy!! Polwarth Tussah Silk yarn.. I am in love. Kid mohair boucle yarn, and Baby Woo Boo Boucle yarn….I managed to get it all back in the boxes rearranged and it fit with a bit of space. Was congratulating myself on a job well done…..until I walked in the cabin and found 3 pds of 15.5 merino, 1 pd of silk noils, 3 pds of Polwarth and 10 lbs of Polwarth silk top. duh forgot I put them there!!! No wonder the rest all fit….drat!!

I was bedazzled by the fibers that I forgot I had walked into the cabin like THREE times carrying in stuff that I have to photograph…like only 3 min before I totally forgot about them. I am not easily distracted….fiber….oohhh yarn….oowwwhhh what huh?

Winter Wonderland….

Winter Wonderland Gallery


I did manage to snag the treasury late last night.  you can see it here after 48 hours this little snapshot to the left will be the only memory of this lovely treasury all from etsyFAST memebers.  All yarntastic and yummy.

One of my absolute favorites which I have featured in another treasury of yarns a while ago can be seen here by the artists WeirdAndTwisted.  I just adore this yarn..isn’t it gorgeous!

I have a couple of new favourites as well that have come up with this treasury which can be seen here by kittygrrlz and here by Snowberrylime.  I think that both these two artists are new to me as well as having glorious yarn.

I think there is a pattern here, apparently I like the very unusual fibre or the knobbly bobbly type yarns…time I start making some myself.   Texture..give me TEXTURE!!! so how do you make a boucle yarn?