Buttercups and Bluebells!

Buttercups and Bluebells
Buttercups and Bluebells Gallery

We have been included in another treasury.  Actually this is the second one recently but I was seriously lax and didn’t do anything about copying the last treasury so it is gone already.  Anyhoo, the new treasury is live and it is called Buttercups and Bluebells!  Lovely sound that title is.  It just slides off your tongue and makes you want to lie down in the woods and watch the clouds puff on by.  The colours are gorgeous with all those yummy blues and stunning yellows.  Hmmm…what do you think?  like it?  if so, while it is hot and live, go to HERE, and comment on what you think.  Remember the treasury is only there for 2 days and than it is gone to make way for new material keeping things fresh and new.

Of particular note I think is the “Gate to the Bluebells” by consumedbynature.  I think this is a stunning photograph. 🙂  kudos to you!!

On another note, we have rehomed the last of the sheep, sold off more than half the dairy goat herd, sold off half the chickens and are getting down to a more manageable size.  I plan on having a handful of dairy goats for our own milk, some chickens for our own eggs, dogs, cats, and our new bunnies.  I have both French Angora rabbits, which are my first love, and some Silver Fox and white New Zealand rabbits.  The Silver Foxes and New Zealands are for meat.  That is an experiment that I am not sure on.  We will see.  If it turns out that they are not for us, than it will only mean more rabbit cages free for more of my baby Fur bunnies (ie. the French Angoras!)