Ham in the Dutch Oven for Christmas Dinner

We put a ham shank on the wood stove in our brand new cast iron Dutch oven. Never had one of these before and wow was that ham big. Told hubby that I figured out what was wrong with this being Christmas besides NOT having a tree.

We have no truffles. They have all been eaten. so DH is going to finish putting the Sno Wovel together and than going to make truffles. yay!!

Ham was wonderful however we may be eating it for 2 weeks as what we ate only made a tiny bit of space for a couple of carrots and maybe a parsnip today. HA! just put the entire dutch oven into the fridge in the barn, which will have probably froze it, so now going to reheat it on the stove in the oven with some veggies. there was NO room for veggies yesterday.