May SNOW? Showers

Today appears to be bringing May Snow Showers instead of rain showers. Good thing I took my clothes that have been hanging on the line for the last 3 days down last night. yeah! We do need moisture and it will be back up in the 80’s by Thursday so all is good.

May SNOW? Day

I just hope that my early in garden will not have any difficulties with this cold snap and snow. I do have all my tomatoes under little green houses built just for them and my herb bed is under a large hinged green house cover. It has been all winter and is why my chives are over 2 ft tall and in flower already. My lettuces and spinach garden should be fine as well as that spinach I planted in October and it has been growing all this time under the green house garden cover during the winter. They are just grand and really help at our altitude as we have some odd weather here.

Charlie and I were walking Kizy and Broch together at the Blossom Festival in Canon City, Colorado on Saturday in 95 degree full on sun. Today it is snowing and barely above freezing. yup that is weird mountain Colorado weather.

My sweatshirt is the one that I took off the line last night so it does smell April Doggey Fresh! that lovely smell my puppy has after being outside and playing in the sun and wind or how your clothes smell after being on the line. Thursday is Charlie’s 50th Birthday and I am happy to see that the forecast says he will be back in sun and fun by then.

I have been busy crocheting and weaving as best as I can with my shoulder and wrist injury. I have finished 2 ponchos, and have an 8 ft triangle shawl part way done as well as another free form open lace shawl close to finished.

Tri Loom Progress

I will finish the crochet shawl today, start on a crochet mobius and work more on the triangle shawl. Later this week, I think I will take Vicky the Mannie out into the garden and do a photography session of all the new shawls and ponchos. Stay tuned for the photos later this week or next week depending on when I finish making them.

Closeup Tri Loom Progress

Still on Llama mom watch. Glenda has 6 more days for her first official due date. She is definitely fat, definitely preggers and definitely got the bitch to prove it!!

It is only 71 degrees here in the cabin and with the wet, rain, sleet, wind and snow outside, it feels really cold in here. I think that I must get to making some food in the oven, in the casserole dish, baking to create some warm yummies for us inside. What do you all want me to make? hmmm……..

I am thinking one of my regular Italian casserole pasta dishes. Mince, hamburger for you Americans, browned and then simmered for a half hour to hour in lots of onions and garlic minced in. Throw in a few red, yellow, and orange sweet bell peppers. some chopped or maybe even stewed tomatoes, a bit of cottage cheese, mozzarella cheese, some cream cheese and a touch of Parmesan cheese for a 4 cheese flavor. Some basil and oregano from the herb garden and put it all together to bake it nice in the oven. Take the lid off the last few minutes so the mozzarella on top can crisp up a bit. Throw in a few pieces of garlic Naan bread and we are good to go. I don’t know what you are going to have but this sounds good to me and I am hungry!! I am going to make an Aztec Coffee as well to enjoy while I go to create!!

Aztec Mocha

I came back from Fiber Group and told DH wanted to go get a coffee. We piled Kizy the Great Pyr into back of VW bug and went to get coffee.


Started raining and sleeting once we left but I carried on. Going in to get my Mayan Mocha now. Of course DH thought I was nuts ??? Is it MY fault the coffee was almost 1.50 hours away?? He is lucky he isn’t on his way to Mexico!

We went for a joy ride. 3 hrs to get an Aztec Mocha. Place had gone out of business. Went for walk and found new coffee place. Didn’t make Aztec but knew where I could get one. Drove there. Got 2. Told DH was $12.51 for 2 coffees. DH said that had I come back without coffee saying it was too expensive, I would have got a slap in the heid and sent back in.

We went almost home but didn’t want to stop joy riding so drove to Canon which was another 1.5 hour drive in another direction. Tired now. No more joy riding!

Chocolate Velvet Coffee

I bought Chocolate Velvet coffee beans yesterday, ground them today and perked. I loved them. I may be a new addict!! I have never been able to handle the real coffee that DH makes as it is too strong and gags me. Now I can make my own and not resort to that instant general foods crap. I am so excited. I can’t decide if it is really sad that it takes so little to excite me??