Chloe, my heart

Chloe, my heart

May 26, 2004 – August 2, 2019

I have always been pretty and proper

I lost my darling Chloe today. I have dreaded this day for years.

At Granny and Granda’s in Scotland

She was born deaf in Scotland in a litter of 8 pups. I did not figure out that she was deaf though until she was nearly 7 weeks old.

Testing out the tent with Mom in the kitchen of the Scotland house

I trained her with sign language and she was certified as a therapy dog while we were living in Scotland.

In kitchen in Scotland house

She worked with me with clients in massage and energy work in Colorado. I saw her calm many anxious children and adults.

Working even towards the end and teaching upstart Gigha how to be a therapy dog

Chloe and I road tripped to one of my fiber shows in PA. She road tripped both from MI to CO and back again 7 years later.

Soooo happy after playing in the mud

Her biggest trip of course was her flight from Scotland to MI when she was barely 2 years old.

Always watching in the Michigan kitchen

She and her three sisters were inseparable. Now that she has passed, being the last to go, all four are together again.

Nutmeg with her sisters, Sassy and Chloe passed out on top of her….always together

I can’t imagine life without you. We had 15 years together and it was not enough.

I love you always, Mom!
Our last goodbye
Saffron aka Sassy

Saffron aka Sassy

May 26, 2004 – July 30, 2018

On the Colorado Ranch

I lost our Sassy today, after over 14 years together. She was my wounded child… sensitive one.

Cinnamon about to jump on Sass in the whiskey barrel at the Scotland House

She had a horrible accident at 7 weeks old and nearly died. It changed her and she was never the same again.

In the kitchen of the Scotland house

She was the one who lived in such a bubble of fear in her own mind but drew on me as her anchor and protector. I adored her and miss her so much.

My ball

So here are photos of her and her life. She lived a full one.

Nutmeg with her sisters, Sassy and Chloe passed out on top of her….always together

From being born in Scotland, flying to Michigan, driving to Colorado, driving back to Michigan, and to her final place under the Norwegian Fir tree between her sister Chloe, and Rick. I love you my baby, Sassdiddydos!

All 7 Scottish Border Collies in our backyard at the house in Scotland
On the side of the mountain on the Colorado Ranch
I am visiting Loch Ness in Scotland, What you looking at?
Every old gal needs her princess and the pea bed!
Sitting with Mom by the French Doors in the Michigan house
All 7 Scottish Border Collies at the Colorado Ranch