Fall…a hint is in the air!

My DH (dear hubby) has suggested perhaps I am addicted to treasuries?  Whaaaat?  How could he think that?

Falla Hint is in the Air Gallery

Anyhoo, my newest treasury can be see here for the next 48 hours or so.  And you can view this small snap shot of the treasury right now.  Again, I struggled to decide which to make alternates and which to keep as main ones.

I had such fun picking these out that I think Esty.com should allow my treasury to have SIXTEEN items in it rather than the standard 12!  I have said that before, but I don’t think they take me seriously.

I will mix them up during the short time the treasury is alive, but you can see them ALL in this snap shot to the left.

I really do enjoy CricketsCreations and this is one of her pieces that I truly do enjoy. you can see her listing  here complete with numerous photos!

fullenstar is a new artist to me and I can not get over how lovely her item is. you can see her listing here.

I included a picture of her lovely item to the right to show you how glorious her colours are in the picture.  I love how she has dyed the colours, how they blend together, the fullness of her felting and well just a lovely unique design.

SplitRockRanch lives just “around the corner” from me out here in the sticks!  I do like her fleeces and her dyed locks.  check out her fleece in the treasury here.

Well I am off now to go finish the chores here on Alba Ranch and feed my critters so they can produce more of that lovely long wool, fine wool, and mohair you are getting accustomed to seeing in my shop.

If you feed them, they will GROW!